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Mental Health Consumer Peak and Representative Bodies

Consumer peak and representative bodies advocate for and provide the consumer voice. Advocacy is about promoting and influencing change. It is the process, or series of actions in which an individual or group speaks on behalf of a person to influence decision making, legal and policy initiatives so that change benefits people at all levels of society. On a personal level, advocacy is about promoting the needs, rights, interests, desires, opinions and engagement of people, however on the other end of the spectrum, systematic advocacy is about influencing change in decision making, legal and policy-making structures within political, economic and social systems and institutions in society so that they are altered to the needs and aspirations of people.


Consumers may advocate for and represent the consumer voice on:

  • Management Committees
  • Boards & Decision making bodies
  • Steering Committees
  • Consultations
  • Working Groups
  • Tender select panels
  • Staff Selection Panels
  • Research
  • Evaluation Processes